Pickled sweet piquanté peppers (peppadew) recipe

pickled peppadew

Ingredients for about 2 litres of fresh peppers:

  • 1 cup water
  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 1 cup white (wine/malt/spirit) vinegar
  • ready-mixed pickling spice (usually contains allspice, chilli, cinnamon stick. cloves, black peppercorns, coriander, mustard seeds, ginger, bay leaves, cardamom)

If you do not live in Africa you may want to consider some health and safety aspects, like using surgical gloves while handling the peppers. If you don’t you may experience some side effects after the cleaning operation – a burning sensation at the fingertips near the nails. Also keep your hands away from your eyes and other sensitive body parts (even after they were washed).

Cut off the stems and remove the seeds with a small spoon (this may take a while).

Sterilize jars and lids.

Pour boiling water over the peppers and let it stand for 10 minutes.
Drain well.

Mix all the ingredients and bring to the boil.

Add peppers to the boiling mixture and boil for 15 minutes.

Bottle while hot. Stir/poke with a spoon or skewer to ensure all trapped air escapes.

Wait about 2-3 weeks before enjoying.

Also have a look at the other peppadew recipes, the alternative pickle peppadew recipe and peppadew chutney.

To find out more about the origin of this unique pepper read the peppadew story.

If the pickling/preserving bug bites consider investing in a good book for ideas and in order to learn more about this way of preserving food.

38 thoughts on “Pickled sweet piquanté peppers (peppadew) recipe

  1. Where did you get the peppers from? Can you use cherry peppers or does it have to be some special variety?

    • Hi Fiona, I got seeds from a gardener who worked in another garden with peppadews. Not sure if you can buy seeds anywhere but I have seen posts of people using other pepper varieties with success. At wikipedia there is more information on peppadews – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peppadew.

    • It is really easy – not much that can go wrong. Your own pickled peppadews are just so much more special. Only thing to watch out for is that after working with the peppadews, even after washing your hands, be careful where you touch – it may burn.

  2. Hrmm that is weird, my remark got eaten. Anywho I wanted to express it’s nice to learn that someone else also highlighted this as I had a tough time searching out the same info elsewhere. This became the 1st place which helped me understand this. Thank you.

  3. Can I freeze peppadews that is already ripe while I wait for the others to go red so I can prepare a proper batch?

    • I have not tried freezing, but picked ripe peppadews and kept them in the fridge for about 2 weeks until more got ripe.

  4. hi u ignorant people.that is offensive and not funny i live in africa and have a box of latex gloves lying aroud. if u need any let me know.

  5. I have plenty seeds available, but the caretaking is intense, so they don’t come cheap. Offers? Include postage from South Africa.

  6. I live in Africa. I purchased some peppadews at a market and then cut out some seeds and dried them. I planted them and now get enough peppadews to pickle, or use in cooking. The plants will grow wherever you can grow tomatoes, chilli, pumpkin. Our area is frost free but I know people who grow them in in tunnels or greenhouses. Peppadews are full of vitamins and capsicain which is a feel good component. I find it best to grow them in a pot. Like all chilli your hands will burn after handling peppadews. Buy latex rubber gloves at a medical equipment or safety equipment store. They are useful for a number of applications.

  7. Hi, I would like to know where i can buy piquante from, i want the actual fruit itself, is there any wholesalers that i can contact please let me know as soon as possible . Thank you

  8. Pepperdews grow easily from seed. Plants need to be covered tho as the birds love them!

    • Two litres of peppadews. Does not have to be precise, just ensure there is enough syrup to cover the peppadews, so rather make too much syrup than too little.

    • Do not worry about exact measurements. Pickling spice is quite overpowering, so rather too little than too much.

  9. The recipe works great – thank you for sharing. What a load of bollocks about the seed. 2 litres of fruit = about a gazillion seeds. Send a self addressed (and paid) envelope to Box 15182 Beacon Bay 5205 SA and I will put some seeds in and post it back. No Guarantees – Fruit looks like peppadews but I am not sure – if not – they taste like them so it achieves my goal anyway. Home growers only.

  10. Good on you Bob! …and nuts to the self-styled “seed entrepreneurs” looking to make a quick buck off what’s pretty much freely available. R20 for 20-30 seeds – you cads! Do humanity a favour and get back under that piece of sod you crawled out from.

  11. Dear Sirs
    I search peppadew seeds 5 kg – I want produce in Macedonia
    if is possible to find 5 kg. peppadew seeds
    wait of your answer
    Aleks Macedonia

  12. Hi there all,

    I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and have planted 8 small peppadew plants which I bought from my local garden centre in September last year. I have just preserved my first batch of beautiful red peppadews as per the above recipe and can’t wait to have a taste in 2-3weeks! I ahve added a few fresh red birds-eye chillies for extra oomph! The seeds have all been stored and dried and ready for Spring 2012! Happy preserving!

  13. Aleks do you have an idea how many seeds in 5kg? Do you have the space to plant them in? This is millions of seed.

  14. I got 3 small plants from a friend which produced 10 bottles of chutney and 8 bottles of pickled peppadews last year. I pruned the trees in August and this year the same 3 trees is producing so much fruit that we have to give half of it away and will still make more chutney and pickles than last year. One do not need more than 3 or 4 plants for your own consumption.

  15. I wish people would not try to rip-off others. Peppadews are easy to grow from seed and the bushes produce plenty of fruit. Please do not buy so few seeds at such an absurd price! Fellow South Africans, you are perpetuating our image as a nation of crooks and criminals. Offer a fair quantity of seeds for free or for a fair price if you must charge.

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